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About the Artist: Silvio J. Modena Jr.

Silvio learned to weld at a young age while working on the family farm. After the Navy, he worked as a boilermaker in the shipyards. One day, while tapping on a cylinder, the tone struck a chord with him. The seed of his future career was born.

Silvio gets his inspiration from his surroundings and his clients

Silvio gets inspiration from his surroundings. His fabrication shop overlooks the bluffs of the California coast, so you will see many nautical creations. When not crafting bells he is out enjoying nature to further enhance his artistic idea bank.

I Make Bells now has many bells in stock at the shop in Half Moon Bay California.

Please browse our in-stock selection. Something totally different or your own special design is possible also. Just give a call and Silvio can work with you for the perfect completed project.

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