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What some of my clients have to say:

"Silvio, I just opened your package and OH MY GOD the bell is fabulous!!!! I am so thrilled with the way you put the whole "ranch" theme together. And the sound!!!! You really are a talented artist. Thank you soooooo much. I wll pass out your biz cards. :) Joan."
Joan - Marin County, CA

"Silvio, Thank you for your beautiful and functional work and for being there for me when I needed a special gift."Hans and Erika - Munsingen - Germany

"Hello Silvio....hope you are well. You made a bell for me over a year ago. I was the bell with "GRAYSLAND" personalized on the bell with the South Carolina flag on the hangar. It was the Palmetto Tree and crescent moon. It is proudly displayed on the entry to our home...it's wonderful and a great conversation piece. So I need another for a friend....Many thanks "
J. Gray - South Carolina

"Hello, I can't believe I finally found you! I came across your booth at the "Hippy Hippy Shake" festival in San Anselmo and loved your bells. Since then, I managed to lose your business card. A quick search of "tank bells" brought me to your site. My wedding anniversary is this weekend and I'd like to purchase one of your bells for my wife"
E.B. - Novato, CA

Tree of Life Bell Top
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Brass Bell
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