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Our Bell Creation Process Is Unique

All of the bells are made from recycled high pressure compressed air cylinders

The air made from spun carbon steel. They come in many shapes and sizes; the top (valve end) of the cylinder is round in shape. The bottom is flat, round, half dome or concave. I can cut them to create two different bells. The different wall thickness is what determines their pitch.

I locate the "sweet spot" to get the best sound from it before starting.

Before cutting into a cylinder I perform procedures to insure it is safe. Any that have contained dangerous gases such as propane or acetylene are NOT used. I clean, grind and wire wheel them to remove the rust and paint. I then draw on the design, which is inspired by art and nature. Using a chop saw, plasma or acetylene torch, I then make the cut.

The bell crowns and hangers are crafted from reclaimed, recycled, and hand made materials.

The bell crowns and hangers are crafted from reclaimed and hand made materials such as old farm equipment, scrap iron and reclaimed wood. Using hand tools, torch, anvil, welding techniques and A BIG HAMMER, I cut out my designs and craft the bell, clapper, stands and hangers. All bells available with or without a copper patina and protective coating.

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